Sunday is Skin Day

So after New Years’, a thousand late nights, a terrible diet, and a ridiculous level of alcohol consumption, my skin is in dire need of some TLC. It feels dry and rough, and I love having a clear fresh face, you feel good without makeup, and when you do put makeup on it looks so much better.

It’s Sunday and I finally have some time to myself to do a much needed face mask, I’m also going to try the new KIKO lip kit, a lovely colleague kindly bought me for Christmas. I feel so good after this, my skin looks bright and clean and my lips are so soft. Please do try out any of these products if your skin type is similar to mine, for the same results. I have very sensitive, dry skin that needs tons and tons of moisturiser, and a gentle scrub every week or two, to keep it looking radiant.

So these are my brand new KIKO products, honestly two weeks ago I’d never heard of the brand and now I have so much from them! I’ve been impressed so far so can’t wait to try these.


First up is a lip scrub, I’ve never used a scrub in this form before, it looks more like a lip balm. When I start applying it, I can definitely feel it working, and it tastes like sugar!! The instructions don’t say anything about washing it off, just wiping away excess and applying a balm, but I think I put way too much on, so I rinse with warm water.


This is the little pink scrub- so cute! and so much easier to use than a traditional pot scrub.

Next I dry my lips gently with a towel and apply the KIKO balm, this is so luxurious and makes my lips feel so soft and shiny, best of all, it’s not at all sticky.

It’s called Kiss Balm, because it makes you wish you could kiss yourself.

My lips feel so amazing and soft, and they look great, tonight I’ll use the KIKO night balm, to top up the moisture and keep them feeling nice.


Here’s the balm:


Meanwhile, my face is in desperate need of attention. First I wash with my Clinique mild soap scrub for sensitive skin. This has been a long favourite of mine, it’s so gentle it doesn’t scratch or irritate like some scrubs and it doesn’t dry out like a lot of soaps. I rarely use a soap and tend to stick to cleanser, but my face feels in need of a deeper cleanse today. I dampen my face with warm water and then gently rub the soap in circular motions and then rinse. After dabbing dry with a towel, I use a spatular to apply my L’Orรฉal clay mask, I use the glowย formula but there are two others, and you can use them in combination with each other.


After fifteen minutes, I was away the mask with warm water, dry and apply an aloe vera facial moisturiser from The Body Shop. I love to saturate my skin with moisture and wait for it to all soak in.


I feel so fresh and amazing after my little routine, I’ve definitely managed to restore some moisture and radiance back into my skin, it feels good to start 2017 with a healthy face. Feeling like this makes me want to go bare faced for as long as possible.


Have you tried any of these products, or are you going to? Let me know below!


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