The Big Chop

The August of 2015 I decided I was sick of relaxing my hair. The most frustrating thing was that my hair grew so quickly, I had the best part of an inch of new growth every month, but it wasn’t budging past shoulder length, I knew it was my damaged split ends that were to blame. There was no way I was ever going to get the length and the thickness I wanted while relaxing my hair, it refused to stay moisturised, and it was so damaged that it would frizz and revert when I straightened it.

I took a leap of faith and committed to going natural, I couldn’t remember what my natural curl pattern was like, my hair hasn’t been natural for a decade and even then it was heat damaged through frequent straightening and a general lack of education about caring for natural hair. When the roots came through in between relaxers, they seemed very coarse and frizzy, so I was nervous about how drastic the change would be. Regardless, I was certain I wanted to do it, I was just sick of looking at damaged, broken hair.

Over the next 16 months, I wore my hair in a thousand different ways; braids, wigs, weaves, clip ins, and sometimes natural, disguising my straight ends with a curler. The more of my hair that grew, the more I fell in love with my natural pattern. It was last week when I considered chopping off the relaxed hair for the first time, my curls were showing and they looked so healthy and I had a good five or six inches worth of new hair. The three of four inches of relaxed hair were causing the curls to matte and knot at the line of demarcation, and I knew I was stressing the hair by tugging and combing it to detangle. I’d had enough of struggling to think of how to do my hair to blend the textures, and I didn’t want to risk damaging the new hair with heat.

So I detangled my hair with my Shea Moisture moisturiser, a brand I’ve been using for a a couple of weeks. I then put my hair in medium sized two strand twists and went to sleep. I wanted my hair to soak up the moisture so that my curls could be seen clearly in the morning. When I woke up I undid the twists and rinsed out the conditioner, I didn’t shampoo as I’d done a full was just a few days ago. Then I took some hair scissors and cut off any straight hair I could find, in front of the bathroom mirror.


Next I sprayed with oil, and scrunched on more moisturiser, which contained Argon Oil, Sea Kelp and Shea Butter. My hair was so short, but I didn’t care, because it looked healthier than it ever has for as long as I can remember. It felt so nice to just let my hair be natural after so many years, I don’t have to worry about it frizzing in the rain or staying straight.

Everyone had a really positive reaction to my new hair cut and has been so sweet about it which is really encouraging. I left it out for most of the day, but before bed I sprayed with more water, applied moisturiser and wrapped in a scarf, I am conscious that I don’t want to touch my hair too much, so I’m going to look into static hairstyles so that I can keep my hair tucked away for a week at a time, and keep from manipulating those fragile ends. I slept pretty soundly and in the morning I simply sprayed with water and then applied oil to the roots and then pulled it to the ends with my fingers. This was enough to refresh the curls after they were flattened by a night’s sleep. I then clipped back the sides and pinned them to the top of my head, leaving the curls at the top and the back, free.

Although I am really eager for my hair to grow, I feel like I’ll never go back to relaxing or even frequently straightening my hair, for me, my hair feels so much healthier already. I am a bit worried about taking good care of it, because so many youtubers have really well developed routines with lots of steps, and I’m sort of improvising with one shampoo, a leave in conditioner and a tube of olive oil. I’m gonna need to stock up!

Has anyone else transitioned from relaxed to natural hair, what are your tips pleaseeeee?


6 thoughts on “The Big Chop

  1. It gets easy. Just try out things and find out what works. I always used leave in conditioner when I was transitioning, but as my hair grew longer, I gave up on it because I didn’t need it. Just make a simple routine that suits you best 😃.


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