Your most flawless selfie- Powders

It must be our bout of photo taking over the weekend that has got me musing on perfect photo makeup. Surely by now, with all the selfies we take, makeup for photos should be more developed, technological and above all more foolproof than ever. Sure plenty of brands go in for the ‘instaglam’ theme and use hashtags in their names, but how many of them actually give off the desired effect or do a different job compared to your everyday foundation, concealer or highlighter?

An article in The Guardian caught my eye today. It’s called Beauty: selfie powders that flatter on and off camera by Sally Hughes. You can read it here. It’s about a new generation of powders, with technology that adapts to camera lighting and flash. Giving the effect of a smooth flawless face. Sally recommends different powders for different skin tones, and personally I think I’d like to try Becca’s new Soft Blurring Powder (£32).

Zuri, from the Youtube channel Elysian, reviews it here, calling it a ‘real life beauty filter’. Now that’s a product we can all use in our lives. Check it out:

If you’ve tried this product please let me know what you think, I would love to get your opinion x





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