Fairy Knots (or SS Knots) What they are and how to get rid of them

Every cloud has a silver-lining or every silver-lining has a cloud, whichever. Since chopping off my relaxed hair, my curly hair has grown at a pretty impressive rate, and for the most part it’s strong and healthy. BUT, and this is a big Kardashian sized but, I’d started noticing dozens and dozens of single strand knots at the ends. These are no ordinary knots, they can’t be gently prised apart or spritzed with some detangler, single strand knots aren’t so much to do with damage as they are to do with texture, and there’s not much you can do with them except chop them off.  UGH


So after a bit of research online, I found that a lot of people have taken to semi-regularly blowing out and straightening their hair to stop these fairy knots appearing. I think it’s supposed to work by thoroughly detangling and temporarily straightening out the curls, helping to keep knots at bay. The idea of using heat on my new heat-free curls was frankly terrifying at first, and it was a bit of a matter of would you rather- run the risk of permanently damaging my curls, or keep chopping off the damned knots?

I toughened up and decided to go for it, I’ll admit I was also curious to do a proper length check and see how much my hair had grown. I shampooed and conditioned with my normal products from Shea Moisture. Then I applied John Frieda heat protection spray and an argan oil serum to my wet hair. It pained me a little bit inside to yank on my hair with the blow-dryer comb, I tried to detangle as much as I could while wet but my hair will never be totally knot free for very long. Once straightened, it felt healthy and was thick all the way to the ends, which is something I’ve never experienced with relaxed hair.

Curls before, non-heated!
Hair blow-dried but not straightened
All flattened!
Curls revived a week later

I was glad that after a week or so my curls were revived again, and although my paranoia might make me question it, I think they’re pretty much unharmed. The fairy knots were drastically reduced, now I might get the odd one or two, nothing compared to the numbers I was seeing before. I don’t enjoy using heat on my hair, and now I’m used to having curly hair so I actually prefer it. If I really really wanted straight hair I think I’d prefer to use a wig or instant-weave. But I’m happy with the results! Mission accomplished.


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