Barbie x Missguided Collection Review

So today Missguided drops their new collection, a collaboration with none other than the world’s favourite style icon, Barbie, herself. Here’s my review on the Barbie x Missguided collection!


It’s a collaboration we never saw coming but you know, I think it works. It’s equal parts nostalgia and grown-up girl cool. I don’t know if little girls play with barbies so much as I did growing up, but maybe they would if she dressed like this! I always wanted to dress like a Barbie doll, and the universe has responded to that demand, if albeit 15 years later.

There are so many great pieces in this little collection expect velour, denim, mesh, camo and of course.. PINK!

Imagine rocking up to a music festival with this BARBIE BUMBAG, amazing.


Here are some of my favourite pieces:


This jacket is truly amazing and ALREADY SOLD OUT! But don’t fear, Missguided have promised to restock it very soon. Nothing beats a light denim, distressed, oversized jacket, except a light denim, distressed, oversized jacket branded with Barbie’s frickin name! Get it online for £60.00








So cute, so kitsch, so sassy, so IDGAF! Grab this body for only £22.00 while stocks last.







Hold up- tell me they did not do this! I need all of the following items of jewellery! Frickin Barbie hoop earrings and a knuckle duster?! What did we do to deserve this?

Hoops are £8.00

Ring is £8.00



This camo tee is so wearable and cool, Barbie meets army for ultimate girl-power, and a steal at just £18.00595fafa72100003700fc5cc1




We all want Barbie on our butt, these shorts are perfect for capturing that Malibu vibe. Grab em for £30.00




Did they seriously just bless us with the cropped quilted bomber coord, I’ve died and gone to Barbie dream house heaven!

Jacket is £60.00

Skirt is £30.00


What are you still doing here, go fulfil the fantasies you’ve harboured inside since the age of seven!

Shop the Barbie x Missguided collection, right here, right now.


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