Designer bag dupes for under £30 !

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If you keep up with the latest designer fashion, it can be so frustrating knowing you won’t be able to buy anything without first doubling the overdraft limit on your student account. Turns out e-retailer MissPap has heard your cries for help and come to our collective rescue with a collection of gorgeous affordable bags, inspired by the latest in runway fashion.

Here is a round up of the next very best thing, for the high-fashion look at a very low price.

This is Chloe’s Nile bag, a popular item with celebrities and fashion bloggers alike, the ring handle detail is sure to be a fashionable feature this season, stay ahead of the game with this dupe from MissPap for only £20.


This Fendi Kan I bag is valued at over £2000 and it sure is gorgeous, it has so much personality and I just love the pops of colour. You can grab yourself a copy from MissPap for £25.


Gucci, Gucci, Gucci! Gucci is the dream, how gorgeous are these colours, and the chain detail! Grab yourself a look-a-like with MissPap‘s Heidi bag for literally only like, £20.


Another beautiful bag from Gucci, the Broadway bag is cute and stylish, perfect for brightening up a wintry outfit, it’s also bold enough to make a fashion statement but subtle enough to complement an outfit. MissPap do a pretty Gucci inspired purse for just £20.


This Falabella bag from Stella McCartney is so cool, perfect with jeans or a dress this winter, it’s a little different and not something you’d be able to find on the high-street. You can nab your own replica for £30 from MissPap. Both versions are 100% leather free and vegan friendly!


This is the perfect party bag, a Valentino classic; red with studs and chains. Get your very own for £22 from MissPap and brighten up every night when you hit the town.



Well there you have it, gorgeous designer dupes for less, in enough styles to compliment every look.

Happy shopping ! x



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